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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Every Internet user has access to all online services of The usage of all informational services is carried out by users anonymously. The user is not identified while using the site, and his personal data is not available for any online services. While using the site, only the user’s identification (cookie files) is being used in order to track information about characteristics of using website pages, including server by means of which user visits the site, and also the name of browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.). We also need to know how the user has learnt about website. Indicated data doesn’t identify the user, it only helps us to define marketing policy and improve the offered information product. The collection of personal data is not carried out. The usage of cookie files will be analyzed in details in the section “Cookie Policy”.

When user books an accomodation or leaves a request on, we need to gather some information about him, including his full name, email address, phone number etc. This way we can get in touch with a person who sent the request.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions agreement along with the Privacy Policy, you automatically allow Aktis Group Ltd. to use your personal data for the reasons of booking and paperwork required for the particular service. Aktis Group Ltd. determines the means and purposes of processing personal data as well as processes personal data collected by the online resource

We only gather the data that is required in order to perform the obligations arising from the agreement concluded between us. One of our employees may call you in order to go over the details of booking or inform you about possible changes; we may send you an email containing all the information about your booking, along with the payment confirmation and a voucher. The website may request personal data from its users in the following cases: - when registering on the site - when booking services - when subscribing to the mailing list - when placing an order / filling out online forms and analysis modules of website. The following data may be requested from the user: - username and surname - user contact details. Among others, these may include a telephone number, e-mail address, etc. - other data that may be required in order to carry out the ordered services (e.g., number of persons, number and age of children in case there’s a need for providing baby cots, flight data, etc.). Your expected arrival time is also essential for us.

As for the online transactions, all the operations that involve using your banking card are carried out through the highly secure payment page. We do not control the money transfer operations and neither can we see or keep any of your banking card data. In case of a booking through the site having partnership agreement with Aktis.Villas, our partner has an access to your personal data provided during the booking, but doesn’t have an access to payment transactions or banking card data.

For the purpose of quality execution of the order, we can transfer the information specified while booking to partner companies (owners), as well as to other companies participating in the provision of the service. Any of your personal data is transmitted solely for the purpose of quality organization of your accommodation. When booking accommodation through Aktis.Villas service, you can agree to the transfer of personal data to partners outside the EU, depending on the country of your trip. If the order requires, we can also transfer the necessary information to a company that is not part of the EU. When proceeding a request for the selection of accommodation, we may ask for your personal data (for example, an email address), in order to send you our proposals.

Subsequently, when a user of our service becomes a client of the company, we can use the personal data provided during the booking for communication, as well as for sending offers of new services. These can be newsletters with promotions and our best deals. Before including you in mailing lists, the system asks for your permission to send information about the company's services and promotions that might interest you in the future. All of the emails are sent directly by our company. The data contained in the letter is indicated in a format that reflects the essence of the message (HTML, graphics, etc.). In addition, the personal data provided during the booking can be used to evaluate the level and quality of the services we provide. In this case, we arrange surveys in order to get feedback and improve the quality of our service. We guarantee that the information you provide during surveys will not be passed on to third parties without your consent.

For the purposes of the constant improvement of the provided services, we keep a history of your bookings, that are being stored in the client database and protected in accordance with the user data protection policy and privacy rules. All the data you specify is stored in our customer base. If you no longer wish to receive information about promotions and new offers of our company, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending us a relevant e-mail to In this case, you will no longer receive messages about the services. If the information you provide is not correct, or you want your data to be deleted from the system, you need to let us know via email sent to, after which we will make your personal data completely anonymous. Upon user’s request, we provide information about user data, as well as the ways of its processing, at any time. The user has the right to view, modify, delete or transfer his personal data to third parties. In case of any violations of confidentiality rules, the company is responsible in accordance with applicable law.

Cookie Policy

Aktis Group Ltd. hereby informs you that this website uses cookies. What is cookie? Cookies are files that are downloaded to your device from web pages. This is an important tool using in finding and providing various kinds of services in the information community. By giving your consent, you allow us to use some of the information about the browsing history and conversion in order to analyze this data and offer you the most appropriate services and information.

Types of cookie files

Today, there are two main types of cookies. The choice of a particular type depends on who controls the domain that sends the cookies and collects the data: Primary cookies: the particular file type is sent to the user's device through a computer or domain and is controlled by the publisher providing the requested service. Third-party cookies: the particular file type is sent to the user's device through a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by a trusted organization. Using the data provided by cookies, it analyzes the information. In case of the primary cookie files, when the obtained information is analyzed by third parties, these files are not considered first-party cookies.

There is another classification based on the time during which files are stored in the user's browser. Session cookies are files retained the moment user accesses a site. As a rule, such files are only important when offering services, i.e. considering a specific request. For example, it may be a list of purchased products. Persistent cookies: all data can be obtained within a specified period of time, which is determined by the party responsible for the cookies. The time range is not limited and can diverse from several minutes to several years.

In addition, there is a more extensive cookie classification based on the purposes for which cookie data is processed: Cookies for setting: a user gets access to services with certain characteristics, the criteria of which are initially determined based on the language, type of browser, region from which the request is made, etc. Technical cookies provide user with an opportunity to view a page, application, or platform using various options. For example, there is an possibility to monitor traffic, read session data, access various sections, pages, view the nature of request processing, request forms and records of some orders, processing registration forms for various events, etc., as well as track the number of watched videos and reposts in social networks. Advertising cookies: This type is used in order to manage the advertising space of the site in the most effective way. Behavioral and promotional cookies: this type of files stores data on user behavior on a website, analyzing views and links to various pages. It helps to create a user-friendly interface and to place a high quality advertisement. Cookies for analysis: using this type of cookie, the analyzer can monitor the actions and behavior of the person using the site. However, this is only possible when the corresponding permission is enabled. Information of this type is required in order to determine the level of activity on the website, in the application or on the platform, as well as for new users’ profiles. This is required for the constant improvement of the site based on the analysis of the collected data. External social network cookies: this type is used in order to enable website visitors to get information via social networks (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) Files are created exclusively for these social networks.

Deleting and deactivating cookies

It is your decision whether to allow, block or delete cookies that are installed on your device in order to search and view information on the site. When disabling cookies, some services available on the site may not work. Depending on the browser, there are different ways to deactivate cookies, but in most cases you can find this option is in the “Settings” or “Options” section. You can also open your browser's help information at any time and see the corresponding instructions. You can make changes to your browser by giving permission, completely deleting or blocking the use of cookies on your device.

By accepting the Cookie Policy on, you automatically agree to the storage and use of cookies. Information about the cookie policy on our website will always be displayed at the bottom or top of the page so that you can be notified of the ways it is being used. In accordance with the information above, you can do the following: - Agree to the use of cookies. In this case, you will no longer be notified of the need to access the pages of the site, etc. - Close notification window: it will no longer be displayed on this page. - Make changes to the settings: see Section "Deleting and deactivating cookies".